From the recording Fishin’ For Your Love


Sittin’ in a booth sippin’ soda through a straw
Becky, me, and Jennifer layin’ down the law
Seems Mr. Wonderful is holdin’ back his heart
If we'd just have a heart-to-heart, here’s how I’d start

(And) Tell me, tell me how you feel inside
Tell me, tell me; I can’t read your mind
What’s a girl to do; I need a pledge of love from you
Tell me, tell me

Becky thinks he’s playin’ a bit too hard to get
Jen thinks he’s not ready for steady romance yet
Football practice over, here comes the livin’ dream
He sits down beside me; the girls wink at me

We've come this far, but where do I stand?
You would ease my mind if you’d take me by the hand

Repeat CHORUS (2x)/TAG
Tell me, won’t you tell me

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson & Suzanne Conn
UMC & SR © 2023 Solid Sterling Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

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Key: B / BPM: 100 / Length: 4:01
ISRC: QZ37R2300033
BMI: 61760591
ISWC: Pending