Lately, I’ve been feeling really good; I had been just gettin’ by
Maybe it’s a definite maybe that it’s the twinkle in your eye
I wasn’t looking for love, but I was feeling low
You aren’t what I was thinking of, but I’m always the last to know

I went from low to high, and while I’m not yet certain why
I’m thinking it just could be...

(That) (Now) I’m coming down with a bad case of you
I thought it was a sad case of the blues
But since I met you, girl, I’m in a room with a view
I never thought love could turn bad to good
But you’re living proof, so I guess it could
’Cause I’m coming down with a bad case of you

You have settled in my heart, but you’re living in my soul
You got a running start; I think I’ve lost control
I’d always been on guard, but you were way too quick
I never fell so hard; you took me down brick by brick

Yes, I’m coming down with a bad case of you

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
UMC & SR © 2019 Eddie C Life Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

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Mood: Upbeat; Positive; Hopeful; Happy
Key: E / BPM: 90 / Length: 3:55
ISRC: QZ37R1900477
BMI: 30364767
ISWC: T9283383255