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It seemed like some years had gone by
But it was just a week that I cried
I had lost my faith in the sweet bye and bye
I was afraid of the other side

Then my earthly father, from heaven, whispered to me
He said: “Son, let Jesus set you free.
We’ve saved a place up here for you.
Let him in your heart; you’ll know it’s true.”

You know, Jesus was not so hard to find
So I opened up and let him in
He gave me peace of mind
And now I can say that ever since then

(Yes) I see the world from here on Jesus’ knee
It’s an amazing view; such sights to see
And it’s all as clear as anything could be
’Cause now I see the world from here on Jesus’ knee

I let Jesus lead me to the place
Oh, where the peaceful waters flow
With faith restored, I’m in his embrace
And Jesus loves me; this I know

Repeat PRE-CHORUS/Repeat CHORUS (2x)/TAG
Yes, now I see the world from here on Jesus’ knee

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
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Mood: The joy of finding Christ...
Key: A / BPM: 75 / Length: 3:55
ISRC: QZ37R2200009
BMI: 49062266
ISWC: T3034455755