From the recording Did They Die In Vain


Did you hear about what he said? Did you hear about what he did?
I see the common thread; any more, I might flip my lid
It’s on almost all the channels; it’s like a brilliant glow
From all their expert panels; not a thing they do not know

But as I heard their conclusions, I never heard the facts
On which what they say should every time be backed
It took a while, but I deduced the problem, and here it is

(’Cause) (Yes) It’s all based on a false story
They couldn’t let the truth get in the way
Fake news; enemy territory
But I’m here to say there’ll be a better day

Once I knew the honest truth, I knew exactly what to do
Too bad I wasted my youth on a close-minded point of view
Now I think I'll become a reporter; get a job on the TV
Give none but ask no quarter; just tell the truth, don’t you see



A complete journalism reset; that’s what there needs to be

Repeat CHORUS (2x)

Yes, indeed, there’s gonna be a much better day

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
© 2020 Solid Sterling Music (BMI)
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