From the recording Things I Wish I’d Never Seen


You look so dignified when you talk on the phone
We’re doin’ what they said; workin’ from home
Only thing I don’t like is bein’ in the next room
Even so, this gonna cause the next baby boom

When I sneak a peek through your office door
I’m like a big-eyed kid lookin’ in a candy store
I know I should get back to the task at hand
But I hope in my heart you will understand

That I think it’s time for our “morning break”
We just can’t work all the freakin’ time
Nobody here but us; it’s a risk we can take
It’s not like we’d be committing a crime

Lunch was great; home delivery is good
Would I fix your computer? You bet I would
You need to get back to work; yeah, I do, too
But workin’ from home, I can’t get enough of you

Second CHORUS (2x)
(Yes) I think it’s time for “afternoon delight”
We just can’t work all the freakin’ time
Yes, I’m spying again; you’re such a beautiful sight
Come on, let’s return to the scene of the crime

Yes, I think it’s time; yes, I think it’s time

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
UMC & SR © 2020 Solid Sterling Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

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Mood: Feeling frisky; Both working from home
Key: G / BPM: 105 / Length: 4:01
ISRC: QZ37R2000029
BMI: 44706448
ISWC: T3003285943