From the recording Down To The Sea


We’ve been together through some great lovin’ years
Sharing our hearts, trading our fears
Kindling the fire that’s kept out the cold
But now the embers are starting to show

Me and the ashes are spending more time alone
Those short little errands are taking too long
She don’t have to tell me; it’s easy to see
She’s still building fires, but they’re not with me

She’s makin’ his house her second home
My heart is (still) shaking; it’s cold and alone
I’m scared I can’t keep her all to my own
’Cause she’s makin’ his house her second home

Did I take her for granted? Did I hold her enough?
Did I tell her I love her and show her how much?
She’s always been needed, but did I let her know?
I can’t help but wonder if she’s good as gone


She’s makin’ his house her second home

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson & Gary Loyd
UMC © 2019 Solid Sterling Music (BMI) & Dreamin Up Music (SESAC)
SR © 2019 Solid Sterling Music
All Rights Reserved.

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Mood: Distraught; Defeated; Scared
Key: E / BPM: 90 / Length: 4:02
ISRC: QZ37R1900069
BMI: 20807288
ISWC: T9180288317