From the recording Did They Die In Vain


Driving north in Nashville up a rolling hill
I see acres of gravestones uniform and white
And I salute all of them who would fight and die
For everything they believed; for everything that was right

Every last one gave their all so all of us could be
Free to seek the American dream with peace and dignity
But now we’re losing our freedoms at such a very fast pace
That I can’t help but wonder as I look them all in the face...

Did they die in vain when they made that sacrifice?
Did they die in vain when they paid the ultimate price?
How can we allow all they did to be pushed aside
Cast away on a tide of lies? Did they die in vain?

I want to visit every grave, make a promise to them all
That when all of this is over, we’ll still be standing tall
We may need to make room for a few more stones of white
But no one will have died for nothing, our dreams still shining bright


For too long, too many of us have been asleep at the switch
We’ve got to turn all this around at least for the sake of those to come


Once and for all we must assure, they did not die in vain

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
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Mood: political; patriotic
Key: D / BPM: 65 / Length: 3:50
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BMI: 28290732
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