From the recording All You Can Love


When old fools tell themselves lies, their minds are just playin’ games
Young fools should be wise, but they run to her, too, like a moth to a flame
When old minds return to their youth, they can’t tell a lie from the truth
But young minds, sometimes, just aren’t smart when it comes to affairs of the heart

They say there’s no fool like an old fool
Such easy prey for a young jewel
But all these old fools should feel right at home
With all the young fools on the roam

With old fools, it sometimes can be that what they get is worth not bein’ free
But young fools should not be in a blur; they should know better than lovin’ her
But when desire overrides the mind, old or young, we always find
That logic is gone with the wind; what these fools do is hard to defend


Now, I’m gettin’ long in the tooth; I’m no longer in a drugstore booth
So, Lord, please don’t let me be uncouth; just let me sip this gin and vermouth


Yeah, there’s lots of fools old and young

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
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All Rights Reserved.

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Mood: No shortage of fools
Key: D / BPM: 145 / Length: 3:57
ISRC: QZ37R1900228
BMI: 20806588
ISWC: T9179733767