1. Caribbean Air

From the recording Heat Of Passion


She’s heatin’ up, but I’m coolin’ down
It may be good for me to get out of town
I just need some fresh air to breathe
And I still have a few tricks up my sleeve
Yes, it would be good to just fly away
So that’s what I’ll do this very day...on Caribbean Air

I know I screwed up seriously
And I guess I must’ve been deliriously, ooh, ooh, out of my mind
But while I’m learnin’ what not to do next time
Do you think she would really mind me learning...in Caribbean air?

The girls are hot, the beer is cold
Now I’m not sure this would ever get old
She’s prob’ly thinkin’ I’m thinkin’ ’bout things
But I’m thinkin’ hard about earning my wings
I guess I’ll have to stay down by the seaside
’Cause today I threw away my ticket to ride...on Caribbean Air

Caribbean air is easy to breathe
Everybody here wantin’ to please
I’m on a road leading who knows where
Breathin’ in...Caribbean air

You know, there’s nothin’ not to love about Caribbean air

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
UMC & SR © 2019 Eddie C Life Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

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Mood: Upbeat; New beginnings...
Key: F / BPM: 115 / Length: 3:51
ISRC: QZ37R1900231
BMI: 22881932
ISWC: T9198708859