From the recording Bucket List


You once said to me that love gives you wings
That I should let my heart learn what love brings
So I fell in love with you in the most high extreme
Lookin’ back I wish it had been a dream

Love gave us wings; let us fly through the sky
I never knew that love could climb so high
But then your song of love fell way out of tune
I guess I got my wings too soon

(’Cause now) (Now) (’Cause now) You’re gone without so much as a trace
What good are wings without your embrace?
What good are wings without you here in my space?
Without the love, what good are wings?

When you said my love could give you wings, you were right
When you flew away, it was quite a sight
The way you left in the dark of the night
Thief of my heart taking flight

I believed you when you said this was our time
You told me how far we could go
But I guess you had something else in mind
Wish I knew then what I now know

Repeat CHORUS (2x)/TAG
Without the love…

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson & Jon Ingram
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Mood: Thief of my heart taking flight...
Key: Gm / BPM: 150 / Length: 3:43
ISRC: QZ37R1900192
BMI: 20807104
ISWC: T9179735707