From the recording If You Drive Me To Drink


Her clothes are in the closet; her slippers on the floor
All the things I bought for her still folded in the drawer
Her guitar’s in the back room growin’ dusty from no use
Her thoughts are somewhere far away; she’s thinkin’ about you

Yes, things are as they should be
But I know somethin’s wrong
’Cause it looks like she’s here
But it feels like she’s gone

Her car keys are in one room, her cell phone in one more
But nothin’ means a thing to her ’cept walkin’ out the door
She’s like a passerby in the night or someone changin’ flights
And it looks like she’s here, but it feels like she’s gone


I don’t know who you are
Or how you swayed her mind
But how long can it stay this way
Before she leaves me behind?


Repeat CHORUS (2x)

Yes, it looks like she’s here, but it feels like she’s gone

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson & Reneé King
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SR © 2019 Solid Sterling Music
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Mood: Feelin' the distance
Key: A / BPM: 135 / Length: 3:21
ISRC: QZ37R1900115
BMI: 20807167
ISWC: T9180287994