1. Account Closed

From the recording Bucket List


Falling was so easy; I gave my heart to you
Counting on each other, we always made it through
Love is like a bank account; deposits to the heart
Withdrawals made as needed when the lovin’ starts to fall apart

Now you always say you’re sorry, but there’s no sign of regret
That the promises you make are rarely ever kept
If only we could go back to where we’ve been
Maybe then you could remember the love and realize that when

Withdrawals exceed deposits, love is overdrawn
You’ve been lovin’ on credit way too long
So I guess our love is bankrupt ’cause you have plainly shown
With my love you can’t be trusted ─ account closed

You say there is a difference between love and makin’ love
But I see no distinction; what were you thinkin’ of?
You thought that being charming every now and then
Would fool me every time, but I’ve come to know that when

With my love you can’t be trusted ─ account closed

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
UMC & SR © 2019 Solid Sterling Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

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Mood: Relationship over; She went too far...
Key: E / BPM: 125 / Length: 3:36
ISRC: QZ37R1900008
BMI: 18292497
ISWC: T9155610892