From the recording Blue Leaf On A Green Tree


I have a constant fear that, without me, you are fine
I see you in my dreams walking at the shoreline
And while I see you clearly, I can’t quite see who’s with you
I’m hoping that it’s me; I have a clouded view

I just want you to know that without you…

I’m like a blue leaf on a green tree
Or a fish trying to breathe air
It’s like I’m drowning in a stormy sea
It’s as though my life is completely bare
So come back, baby, come back
And turn this blue leaf once more to green

Just because you’ve left doesn’t mean you can’t return
Everyone makes mistakes; let’s live and learn
I’ll bet that guy beside you thinks you’re a livin’ dream
I can’t see his face; God, is it me?

If that’s me there beside you, and you’re wondering if I care
Just turn and ask; it’s the truth, I swear
I can’t go on without you; how could we have gone so wrong?
I’ll love you forever; come home where you belong

Won’t you turn this blue leaf once more to green

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
UMC & SR © 2019 Solid Sterling Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

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Mood: Distraught; Hopeful
Key: D / BPM: 130 / Length: 3:59
ISRC: QZ37R1900025
BMI: 20806572
ISWC: T9179733530