From the recording Where The Amber Water Flows


We’d been drinkin’ at the juke joint
It was just her brother and me
The barkeep said “no more”
But we did not want to leave
So the barkeep called her paw
Thing is, he was also the law

Now the chief he come and got us
Took us straight down to the jail
We was kickin’ up a fuss
When he would not grant no bail
But that really don’t compare
To my next-day nightmare

(Yeah) She took the taste of whiskey, oooh, right out of my mouth
Last time I saw it, mmm, it was flyin’ south
She told me I just needed to decide
Would it be her or whiskey by my side
Yeah, she took the taste of whiskey right out of my mouth


When the chief he took me home
She would hardly speak to me
I think the barrel it was chrome
Right then and there I could see
That my choice was crystal clear
It would be her or the whiskey and the beer


You know, she took the taste of whiskey, oooh, right out of my mouth

Words & Music by Don Tomlinson
UMC & SR © 2019 Eddie C Life Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

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Mood: Confrontational; Dangerous; Drunk
Key: E / BPM: 85 / Length: 4:02
ISRC: QZ37R1900280
BMI: 24040258
ISWC: T9210556539