Recent Successes

Three of Don Tomlinson’s songs, two solo-written and one co-written, have been selected for inclusion in a new TV show about the COVID-19 pandemic titled “Deranged Dad. Apparently, the show has both serious and comedic elements. I Met My Shadow(on the pop side) is a serious and heartening song about the introspection one person goes through in light of the pandemic and how he comes out on the other side. I Think It’s Time (also on the pop side) is a lighthearted song about a couple ordered by their two different employers to work at home and how  “frisky” at least one of them feels when it comes time for their morning and afternoon “breaks.” Things I Wish I’d Never Seen (co-written with Jim Hewitt and definitely country) laments all the bad things going on at the moment but at the same time expresses the singers love for his significant other, who is his rock during all the associated crises (“yes, theres things I wish Id never seen, but, baby, that dont mean you”). If possible, a link to the episodes containing the songs will be placed here when those episodes air. Stay tuned....

Also, the song “My Love” recently was named the Broadjam Song of the Month.
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