One-stop licensing on all vocals and instrumentals. This website allows music libraries, music supervisors, music publishers, artists, producers, and A&R departments to peruse SSM’s catalog in pursuit of exactly what is needed for a motion picture, television program, commercial, video game, music library, website, recording project, or the like. The vocals and instrumentals on this site come in various genres (see the menu sub-page titles). Any music-licensing professional who desires recordings (MP3 with embedded metadata, WAV or AIFF, and Word lyric sheets, where applicable) of any of this music may obtain them by emailing Stems and underscores are available, as well. Some of these songs have been recast into different genres. In each such instance, the lyrics section contains a note indicating the other genre(s) in which that particular song can be experienced and the location on this site where it can be found.

All the songs on this site can be remixed, rearranged, played with varying instruments (to the point of genre-bending or genre-switching altogether), re-sung, where applicable, in any key, and changes can be made to length, tempo, and lyrics, where applicable, as well.  The metadata for each vocal is located below the lyrics (and is embedded in the MP3). The metadata for each instrumental is located in the lyrics section (and is embedded in the MP3). With a few exceptions, the sound recordings on this site were co-produced by Don Tomlinson and Larry Marrs, Marrs Recording Studio, Nashville ( The remaining few were produced by Don Tomlinson at various times and at various recording studios in Nashville.

Note to indie artists:

These tracks are available for licensing without the lead vocal (and with or without the background vocals). If remixing is desired, the mixing elements can be licensed as well. For more information concerning licensing the tracks such that new vocals (and a new sound recording) can be accomplished, please email for details.